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THE CRANKCASE.COM - Meeting point for the Distinguished Gentleman´s Ride at 10 am at the Paulskirche, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Preparations for the ride in expectation for the prize for the best moustache.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A glorious sunny day with many wonderful machines...
THE CRANKCASE.COM - ... and their riders meeting in the historic centre of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Ian having a chat with the dapper chaps before the off.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The last bikers arrive making the numbers up to around 60.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A real cafe racer!
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Joseph Knit, called Joe, the organiser, announcing the start of the ride.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Paul Mullins was houndered by Joe for raising the most sponsorship.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Dear Gentlemen, back to your bikes...
THE CRANKCASE.COM - ...start your engines!
THE CRANKCASE.COM - First stop at the Eissporthalle, Frankfurt-Riederwald, for a group photograph on the steps of the stadium.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Heading off again to the frist coffee stop...
THE CRANKCASE.COM - ... at Wacker´s Café in Frankfurt-Bornheim, which was a great spectacle for the café customers to see so many well dressed motorcyclists on so many impressive bikes.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Harald Geiger, propriator of Mainhattan Choppers in Frankfurt-Niedereschbach, still unawear that he has ironicly just won the prize for the furtherst distance covered to join the Gentleman´s Ride.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Third stop of the day the Frankfurt Senckenberg natural history museum.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Particularly famous for it´s collection of prehistoric artefacts - some of which seem to have escaped.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - THE CRANKCASE. Honda GB 500 Clubman ridden today by Brigitte.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Several prizes were awarded during the day, here Sarah recieving her DGR T Shirt for "classiest lady".
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Next stop was the Alte Oper opera house in the centre of Frankfurt,...
THE CRANKCASE.COM - ...with it´s spectacular fountain which provides a perfect setting to display the motorcycles around.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Final destination was the the Frankfurt Hauptwache, which is the historical police headquaters built in 1729, now a café.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Now on the main shopping street of Frankfurt, the Zeil, opposite the high tech department stores.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Christian and Thilo relaxing with us after the day´s ride.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Matthias Schäfer won the prize for the oldest machine on the ride with his 1968 Norton Dominator cafe racer.
The other prizes went to the dapper
Bora Inci for the sharpest suit,
Matthieu Purrey with the best moustache.
Harald Neider won a prize for the cleanest bike,
Rolando Anzoletti for his Moto Guzzi cafe racer as the best bike of the show and finally
Dagmar Schönwelder for the best rider of the show.

Thank you very much to Joe for his excellent organization.
Thank you to all of those who have donated for this worthy cause and those who gave their time to support the Distinguished Gentleman´s Ride.