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THE CRANKCASE.COM - The first 3 runs of the day are 'show runs', the first of which between local politician Roland Bernhard on 'Jörg’s own', a Triumph Thruxton and local priest Jürgen Schwarz on 'Jericho', a Yamaha TR1 built by Benders Echte Motorräder.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The first sprint class is the International Sprint which is an invitation only event for celebrities and tunning shops to show what they can do.
Here Conor Cummins on a Buell built by 'Free spirits' against Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler on a Kawasaki Z1000J built by his own company LSL-Motorradtechnik.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Getting the front up on the left is Janne Kosonen, last years Cafe Sprint winner, invited back to defend his title on a Ducati Monster 1100 Evo built by Limbächer Custom
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The Concept Ninety from BMW was on display all the weekend on the BMW stand, except
THE CRANKCASE.COM - when it wasn't being used by Chief Designer Ola Stenegärd for the Show runs.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Marco Pucciarelli from Unique Cycle Works on his Ducati Sport 1000 in the International Sprints.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Here, a really unique bike from Kingston Customs,
THE CRANKCASE.COM - riden by Dirk Oehlerking,
THE CRANKCASE.COM - a Yamaha SR500 with cylinder and cylinder head from a Porsche.
And great to be able to see some of the mechanical parts through the perspex covers.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Here's famous TT racer, Guy Martin on a Rau framed Suzuki riding back to the start with Marcus Walz on the Polo 75th anniversary Ducati cafe that he created for them.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Guy was to be seen around Glemseck all the weekend, happy to chat with everybody.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Ola Stenegärd on his return run with Marcus Walz, this time riding the Tridays Triumph Cafe Speed triple that he created for Triumph.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Marcus again on the Polo Ducati.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Guiseppe Grippo from South Garage Motorcycles up against Glemseck 101 organiser Jörg Litzenburger on his own Triumph Speed Triple 'Fleur du mal', in the final show run.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Final International Sprint winner, Jens vom Brauck on his own JVB Ducati against Andreas Illg from Motorrad magazine on the CPO tuned Victory Las Vegas Hard Rock.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Nina Prinz on the right launching the Schäfer Klassik Motorsport Suzuki Katana.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Nina finally got knocked down into 2nd place in the International Sprint.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The winners Jens vom Brauck and Nina Prinz.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Starters line up for the Cafe Sprints, anybody can join this so long as they have a classically styled, air cooled bike with up to 750cc with 4 cylinders or up to 1000cc with 1 to 3 cylinders.
There again you have to be one of the lucky ones choosen for the 32 places on the start line.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Triumphs, Ducatis, BMWs . .
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Sound and smell of the Kawasaki KH triple.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - This Triumph drag racer wasn't in the sprints but would have looked good on the start line alongside,
THE CRANKCASE.COM - This stunning BMW streamliner.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Which must be the most original bike of the weekend.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The Cafe Sprint competitors ride back to the start line after the warm up run.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - It fits all the entrance criteria, how cool is that !
THE CRANKCASE.COM - BMW cafe racers are a big trend right now and were present all around the event.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Even based on R25 250cc singles.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Great looking R75/6 bobber.