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THE CRANKCASE.COM - We were lent a Goldwing from the test fleet and picked up from Honda R&D Asaka early in the morning by Kenji Tako on his Harley Sporster.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Then set off to meet up with Ken Kuboshima and Mitsuyoshi Kohama, to head towards the Izu peninsular.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Where Fuji san was waiting.
Normally, you know that Fuji san is there but you can't see him because of the cloud cover.
Today, we saw something that a lot of Japanese people have never seen: Fuji san in all his glory without the usual blanket of cloud.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Brigitte poses together with Kohama san, Ken, Tako san and Fuji san.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Just a little further to go to Shimoda where we would be staying for the weekend.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The rest of our romantic little honeymoon party.
Actually, the Honda design department staff make a trip to Shimoda twice a year, which I have been lucky enough to have joined several times.
The greatest sashimi dinner with local sea food is server in the small hotel, followed by 'social' drinking into the night or a game of Majong if you feel so inclined.
In the morning a delicious traditional Japanese breakfast is served with Nishin (grilled herring), nato (decaying soya beans), tamago (raw egg), Nori (dried seaweed), Ryokucha (green tea) and meshi (rice), which we both love and sometimes eat at home !
This was not Brigittes first trip to Japan, but it was probably the most memorable for both of us thanks to Kishi sans invitation and all my other (ex)colleagues for always making us so welcome, especially Tetsuo Ban who always organises the Aoki sou tours.