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THE CRANKCASE.COM - Perfectly situated in Sinsheim, right in the heart of Germany is the Sinsheim technical museum which holds a stunning treasure of historic aircraft, military vehicles, cars, motorcycles and trains as well as some more unusual exhibits.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The military section is overwhelming such as this WW2 Heinkel 111 bomber.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Messerschmitt Me 109 fighter plane.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A recovered engine from a bomber lost during action.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Close up of the crash damaged cooling fins.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - This crankshaft however once served in a ships engine.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - An impressive collection of trains,
THE CRANKCASE.COM - including this 1939 Henschel freight train, of which over 1,750 were built up to 1944 supporting the German war effort. This particular example even stayed in service right up to 1977.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A Starfighter, jet fighter plane, Sherman tank and damaged Panther tank alongside a radial ships' engine.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A Jagd Panzer VI tank from WW2.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Visitors can operate this Panther tanks' turret and gun by remote control.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Another product of Nazi Germany was of course the VW Käfer (Beetle).
This example is a type 82E which was used during the war as military transport.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Three examples of an equally successful German car model, the Mercedes 300SL 'Gullwing' sportscar: A racer in US colours of white and blue alongside a standard car and one of the very rare aluminium bodied cars of which only 29 were built from a total of 1,300.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A 4th example which was recently brought back from a Junk yard in California where it was found after being destroyed by fire in the early 1970s.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - An unusual 'red' Jaguar D type racer.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The special Dunlop aluminium wheels of the Jaguar D type.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The radiator grill from a Bugatti type 57 Ventoux coupe.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - This Bugatti 35 is however cast in bronze.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Two of the fascinating Böhmerlands from the former Czechoslovakia. Böhmerlands were manufactured as 2, 3 or 4 seat models.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A 1953 AWO 425 converted to racing on the order of the Russian general Tjurin.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - It would take two or three days to explore the Sinsheim museum properly, but with just a couple of hours before we get too tired, it's important to check out the bikes that we dream about most.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A late model Ducati Hailwood Replica, one of the last 900cc models with electric start, hydraulic clutch and the plain bearing engine.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A 1974 MV Agusta 750 Sport is one of only around 450 bikes made of this type.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Four open bellmouthed Dellortos for the exquisite four cylinder engine.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - This 350cc Scrambler MV Agusta may even be rarer.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The Scrambler from Ducati was however a very successful model, produced in 250, 350 and 450 capacities.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A Ducati 600SL Pantah which helped to save the brand back in the 1980s, beside a 4 cylinder Honda which created the challenge for all European brands.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Benellis 750 'Sei', six cylinder was an attempt to beat the Japanese superbikes at their 'own' game.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A rare view of some rare supercars, such as these Lamborghinis, Miura and 400GT.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A rare 1953 Ferrari 342 America makes the Lamborghini Countach in the foreground almost 'common' !
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A beautiful Ferrari 250 California Spider.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - If you ever wondered what the 12 into 6 exhaust system of a Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer looks like.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Classic Lancia Stratos rally car.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A Maserati 250F heads the extensive Formula 1 collection,
THE CRANKCASE.COM - which contains one of a very few Tyrrell P34 six wheelers made.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The 1970 Blue Flame is really a 'one off' achieving 1,014.656 km/h (around 630 mph) at Utah driven by Gary Gabelich making it the fastest rocket car ever.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Something from the 'something completely different' category is this 1932 235cc 6 horsepower two man chain saw with a 1m long blade. Chainsaws such as this were used by the German military to clear paths for tanks.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The beautiful Concorde mounted on the roof of the museum.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - And a 'copy cat' Russian Tupolev TU-144 which only achieved 55 passenger flights during its' service career.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The four Kolesov RD-36-51 turbojet engines propelled this Tu-144D to a maximum cruising speed of 2,124 km/h (1,320 mph) or Mach 2.0.