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2012 Biketoberfest in Oschersleben, page 1 of 3.

THE CRANKCASE.COM - 2012 Biketoberfest in Oschersleben, page 1 of 3.Oschersleben Motorsports arena is a newly built, modern circuit in the mid north of Germany, most of the circuit has high banking around it for spectators to get a great view. It's also very easy to get from one viewing spot to the next in the infield.
Biketoberfest is a 4 day event, Thursday and Friday are practice and training days for the competitors, Saturday and Sunday for final practice and racing in Superbike, BEARS, vintage BEARS, SuperclassiX, Buell, Pro Thunder, Supertwins and Classic superbike classes; plus a cafe racer sprint on Sunday.
Of course the party is also a good reason to be there, with the Pirker brass band playing not only traditional German drinking songs, but modern rock and a bit of AC DC etc. thrown in. They are really something to be experienced.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A nice group of Moto Guzzis and sidecars in the outside parking.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Continue the Moto Guzzi theme inside the paddock but with modifications of a quite different nature.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - And still the work goes on to perfect the race bikes.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A Kawasaki with backbone frame in the endurance racer style. Maybe a Rau or even Egli?
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Nicely modified Ducati Pantah 750 looking very modern with black frame and engine.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Ducati 750 with TT1 frame and aluminium swinging arm with eccentric adjusters.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Another Ducati TT1 in the next pit, with Cagiva works style paintwork.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - One of several Yamaha TR1s to be seen is actually not a racer, but has street registration.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A few more TR1s but these are prepared for racing.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Thge rear part of the frame has been cut away for lightness with still enough strength for a single seat racer. It reminds me of a Britten with the engine being completely structural.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A very rare Yamaha TX750 parallel twin which is also street registered. Very high quality cafe racer conversion.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - A Rau framed Honda racer.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Clean Ducati 998.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Unusual Laverda 500 racer with Ducati F1 style fairing and seat unit looks really light and sporty.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - You can even race a Honda CX500 if you modify it well.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Stripped down Yamaha SR500 riden by one of several lady riders.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Probably the oldest bike racing this weekend is this Velocette Venom.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Lots of Guzzis to be seen.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - The 8 valve bikes should have a little advantage.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - MG0S1 style for these Guzzi racers.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Ducati Pantah 500 with nice Rau or Egli style frame.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Beautiful Ducati 750 TT.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Looking just right.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Minimal clearances between fairing and fork legs.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Again on Sunday morning with the sun coming up over the paddock.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - This is a recently built Ducati 750SS 401 EVO built byKent Jörnevall known as Dr Silverfish.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - It has an original 1974 roundcase 750 bevel engine built up with the latest technology and weighs just 186.5kg.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - But this is the 1000cc racer from the Silverfish Madness racing team.
THE CRANKCASE.COM - Time for both bikes however to be perfected.